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The BMW Performance Car Club aims to establish and strengthen bonds of friendship between owners and drivers of BMW vehicles.

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Officially Since 2023

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This club is the best club I have ever been involved with. It has members from all over the world. This year we went on a tour of Europe. We are a bunch of guys and girls who some had never met up before but have one thing in common BMW M.

Richard & Alison /// BMW E63 M6

Diss, UK

Bringing like minded people together who have a passion for BMW and M cars while inspiring the youth at club meets. From the first meeting I was a part of at the BMW Welt in Munich I knew this was a special club to be a part of and I now have friends that I will always be connected with. As an American living in Europe this club has made my auto enthusiasm and love of BMWs even more profound.

Anthony Price /// BMW F80 M3

Düsseldorf, Germany

This club is really bringing together a varety of people from different backgrounds. With a shared passion of the M Performance brand. We all love this and live this. It means: we can talk-drive-talk-party all time and everybody gets the punchline.

Ferenc Szilagyi /// BMW F80 M3

Budapest, Hungary