With a calendar packed full of events and activities you’re sure to find something to suit you! Whether it is a classic car show or ice drifting in the middle of nowhere or a 7 day road trip in the mountains, we’re sure there will be something for everyone. Previous events / activities include a 9 day euro trip, visits to BMW Welt, Bimmerfest and BimmerWorld.

Icons of BMW

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Cars  and Coffee

Find your local meeting spot for cars and coffee. Can’t find anything local to you? Why not start one? All you need is a friendly breakfast cafe with good parking. Or maybe get more involved in an existing Cars and coffee meet.

Classic Museums

Ever wondered what happens at a museum when it is closed to the general public? Well, why not join us for a private tour and enjoy a more personal experience with a guided tour.

We’re sure you’ll like the gastronomy we bring to our events.

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Enjoy Good Times

Fun is Fun

During our events we explore local traditions.