Alex Martin

Hi and welcome to my bio – my name is Alex Martin, I am 37, born in the UK but have resided in Hockenheim, Germany for the last 10 years working in the IT industry.

My role in the club is administrational, which means I keep us moving forward whilst chipping into other areas such as Events. However, I mostly focus on daily operations, member management, and communication with affiliates and other collaborators.

BMWs have always been a passion of mine since I was child, and also part of my love for motorsport, which started with my dad buying an E30 325i M-Sport in the mid-1990s. Now as an adult, I am currently on my third BMW, which is an F87 M2 2016 and was one of the first M2s registered in Germany.

Malcolm Nicholson

Born and bred in the North East of England. Now living down south in Hertfordshire.

My spare time is split between cars and martial arts! An European road trip veteran of 10 years and counting, covering as far east and south as Croatia, and as far north as Denmark. I’ve driven most of the well known passes and taken many a wrong turn, lol.

If I’m not working or on a road trip, I’m down the gym, improving my skills or teaching. After more than 3 decades, things definitely hurt more but have no plans to slow down just yet!

I’m in charge of meets / events and would love to hear your ideas and suggestions about what you want to do. Afterall, this is why we’re here. :)

Alexander Hoppe

Hey guys, I’m Alexander. Been part of the club since 2018 and one of the first members.

My biggest passion is cars, more specifically BMW and motorsport.  I love to drive fast and discover the cars limits on the racetrack.   I have completed 1000+ laps of the Nordschleife, as well as track events on  some other tracks. For the members of the BMWPCC I want to share this experience on  club events.

My main role within the club is looking after the Cars Committee. I’m involved in most of the activities going on. If you have any questions, please contact me. I’m available online most of the time and reply quickly.

Finally, a few words about me. I was born in Stuttgart on November the 13th, 1990. I’m married to my wife Christine. I have two daughters and we all live just outside Hamburg.  I work in healthcare, and been part of an intensive care unit since 2014.

Joao Toscano

Originally from Oporto, Studied ICT and worked with Technology Industry since 1999. 

Living in Netherlands since 2007 with my wife. 

My relation with BMW started in 2014 with the acquisition of one 1 Series and more recent in 2018 an M140i.

My role in the club is to ensure good governance and committees, with good cooperation in a good atmosphere. Of course I’m  also the figurehead of our beautiful club. However, where possible I will give space to other members. Together we make our club.

Want to join our Board?

Oh yeah! A cool hobby to roll-out for the club!

Regardless of where you are, we would like you to be part of our journey and have direct impact with our club and members. Get in touch for more infomation and what you propose in your role on the club board.


Your role can be anything ….