BMW Performance Car Club is officially registered with BMW Club Netherlands and is entitled to all right and privileges granted as BMW Clubs under the guidelines and by-laws of the BMW Clubs Europe, an official umbrella club under BMW Clubs International Council.

Membership entitles members benefits and event participation in the Netherlands and International events to the registered member only.

BMWPCC was established in the Netherlands with the sole aim of providing social activities which appeal to like-mined people, young and old, who have one common passion – our cars.
The Club’s events calendar is designed to offer something for every member. Participation in these local events allows registered members to enjoy their vehicles with like-minded people.
From benefitting from promotions exclusive to our Club and social activities, there truly is much to choose from.

The Club’s committee work on a volunteer basis with no financial reward for their immense efforts. It is the passion and dedication of this group that has made the Club the success it is today.

We are inspired by great achievements.

The biggest four-cylinder building in the world – BMW Headquarters – together with the adjoining museum, are a sanctuary for us.

We as Car Club aim to visit Munich every year …….

  • This is not a normal architecture. This is industrial construction – engineering construction.
  • The building has a height of 99.5 meters.

  • The BMW Headquarters was state-of-the-art in the early 1970s, a symbol of cutting-edge architecture and a test site for new, pioneering ideas geared to in-house cooperation.

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BMW Performance Car Club

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Joao Toscano

Chair & Treasurer

Alex Martin


Alexander H.

Cars Committee

Malcolm N.

Partners & Events Coordinator